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Why book a consultation?

Perhaps life has hit a few stumbling blocks, you'd like to make some changes, or have specific concerns.

some reasons include...

  • Money worries, 

  • Poor sleep, waking up tired

  • Would like a change of career or job

  • Feel that you are overlooked, invisible!

  • Lack opportunity

  • Arguments with family or friends,

  • Lost your mojo

  • Noisy neighbours

  • Can’t sell your house

  • Legal issues

  • Blocked creativity

  • Poor body image

  • Moving to a new home

  • Lack direction


What type of consultation?

  • Full consultations include an analysis of your whole property. We consider the main issues you would like to improve. This can take place on line or on site.

  • Mini consultations focus on one aspect of life. We work on line.

  • Business consultations focus on your business premises as whole, or just your office or retail space - its your choice.

  • Home office consultations are really useful for people running a home business or working from home.



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