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my helpful people

There is a feng shui aspect which, among other things, influences the help that you attract and receive from unexpected sources, often out of the blue.
This aspect is known as 'helpful people'. 
I wanted to make space to share information about some people who's work I have had the good fortune to experience. Their skills, knowledge and kindness has won them my respect, admiration and heart.
Some of them have helped despite not knowing me at all.
Every one of them have made a huge difference.
I have worked with them all, followed their advice and guidance, and they have my heartfelt thanks for helping me through some very tricky times!
They appear here in no particular order.
Do check them out. You are in for a treat.
Shirin Hunt - The Reset Queen
  • Shirin's meditations are so easy to drop into,  you cant help but 'get there'.

  • An Intuitive teacher and healer, Shirin's work incorporates the quantum and healing techniques of ThetaHealing™, Native American perspective on the Sacred, and Hawaiian Mysticism.

  • Her powerful weekly 'Ready Set Reset' classes are a lovely way to find your connection and stay connected, and her New Moon meditations are not only beautiful but deeply insightful, often leaving me fizzing for hours!

  • She says "Allowing and opening to your true potential creates your individual and life transformation into the you that you’ve always envisioned. A reset is the biggest gift to give yourself!"

  • Shirin started the Women's Global Peace Alliance a few years ago, with the intention of using regular collective weekly global meditations to bring World peace.  To join in and add your energy to the meditations, visit wgpa for details.

  • You'll find a taste of Shirin's 'ready set reset' work (including a free taster meditation) at her  Reset Queen website.

Vision for Living - with Kim Dowdell
  • Kim established Vision for Living in 1995 to promote and share a Vision for Life based on an understanding of our energy systems. We met a few years later and loved each others work instantly.

  • An accomplished energy practitioner, Kim designs and delivers wonderful, unusual, effective and practical courses covering a wide range of disciplines.

  • She offers a warm, accessible, clear and engaging teaching style, blending her extensive training with her many years of experience working with people.

  • Her new energy re-set class launches in October  2022. This will be focusing on personal energy "re-set”  but will touch on “re-set” in our home/workplace - so is perfect for anyone who feels the time is right to stop, and take a fresh look at their personal energy practice.

  • Find out more abut Kim's on line courses, including the new Energy Re-Set, follow the link, and join the Vision for Living newsletter.

Dr. Mona Meyer - Cancer & Wellness Coach
  • I was introduced to Mona's work following treatment for breast cancer. Her work is based not only her extensive formal scientific training and medical research, but also a comprehensive knowledge of EFT, Energy Medicine, nutrition,  and many other natural health disciplines. 

  • She knows how it feels to face a challenging prognosis, as she has personally overcome 'insurmountable' health obstacles in her life. And she knows how to help others do the same.

  • Mona delivers her treatments and coaching with understanding and kindness, and her well placed honest reality checks are timed to perfection. You know where you are, what needs to be done, and when to do it. You will soon understand how you can take control of your best health outcome.

  • If you or anyone you know has cancer or is struggling with treatment related side effects, this is where it all starts to make sense.

  • There is an abundance of information on Mona's website. You can book a consultation, or sign up for her newsletters for targeted support and insights on living your best life, using EFT (tapping), Eden Energy Medicine, and great nutrition - and  her Instagram reels are a real treat!

Madison King - Energy Medicine for people and other animals
  • Maddie's work has fascinated me for over a decade. She's given me personal guidance on energy work, on a number of occasions, even though we have never spoken, and are yet to meet.

  • An internationally recognised master practitioner, Maddie is a teacher, writer and educator in the field of natural healthcare. She has an inherent ability to simply sense, ‘know’ and work with energy and for more than 30 years literally thousands of students, clients (and their pets) have benefited from working with this authentic ‘wise woman’.

  • Her vision is to share secrets and techniques she has learnt along the way with anyone who has the desire to activate and empower their healing abilities - be it for self-care, loved ones, clients or our animal companions.

  • On her website, you'll discover a free to access treasure trove of excellent videos and downloadable content, all crafted with clarity, and delivered with Maddie's joyous sense of fun. 

  • Maddie also offers online 'mentoring' to guide humans and their animal companions, to find the right 'self-care' for them both.  Her courses, workshops and books make this work extremely accessible, and will give you confidence to take both self and animal care to quite another level.

  • A must for anyone who is even a little bit 'energy curious'. Be warned, not only does this stuff work, its addictive!

Madison King
Ann Lovatt - Homeopath and Mindfulness Practitioner
  • I know Ann as a super talented violinist - however, I learned to trust her homeopathic skills when she helped me to deal with post operative healing, and the side effects of radiotherapy.

  • Just recently she made recommendations to treat the severe discomfort of acute tendonitis which I have experienced for 10 months. Extremely debilitating, this was so painful that it disturbed my sleep, every night. Within 10 days the pain and mobility is at least 50% improved, no mean feat as no other treatment has worked. I have no words to describe my relief!

  • Registered with the Society of Homeopaths, and fully qualified,  her consultations always begin with in depth investigation into the client as an individual, and their symptoms. A careful listener,  Ann asks amazingly insightful questions, and collects information using all her senses.

  • Treatments delivered with clarity, and are  backed up by rigorous clinical knowledge and understanding.

  • Ann works from her practice in Hertfordshire, UK, and also consults on line where it's appropriate.

  • Her homeopathy  website is useful and informative, and if that wasn't enough, you should also check out her very impressive music and mindfulness practice.

  • Combining music with mindfulness are a passion for Ann - check out the video content on her music and mindfulness website, and experience this beautifully effective partnership for yourself.

Ann Lovatt.png
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Curious about feng shui or ready to start sorting your stuff? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call to discuss how I can help in your particular situation. Book yours today! 

See you there.

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