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What makes a space feel great?

Every place has it's own history.

People and events all leave an impression, a mark, an 'energetic' footprint.

All those footprints build over time.

They are echo's of the past, patterns of energy, some good, some not.

These echo's can promote stuck energy, sadness, or negative emotions. Sometimes the patterns repeat themselves and show up in our mood or behaviour.

Space clearing acts like the tide on the shoreline.

It is a practice or ritual that helps to shift and erase these energy footprints and echo's, then invites new clear positive energy to replace the old.

So that you can rewrite the history of the space, afresh.

A bit like spring cleaning, but shifting energy, rather than dust. 

A clean sweep, if you like.

Shifting grungy energy and allowing sparkle and positivity in.

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When should you consider  Space Clearing?

Perhaps ...

  • You have recently moved into a new place. Space clearing will help the old occupants truly 'move out' and allow you to fully own your new space.  

  • Things are a little stale in your life. Space clearing will move the stuck energy around you and create a fresh clean slate.

  • You may think your space feels a little 'off' or uncomfortable.  Space clearing will help to clear  whatever is disturbing your energy.

  • You are experiencing  patterns of behavior that don't feel familiar, or don't sit well with you. Space clearing will help to clear these patterns, so you can start to imprint new ones!

  • Someone passed, you feel their energy has not moved on. Space clearing will help their energy to gently find the way onwards.

  • Following a negative incident. Use space clearing to take the sting out of a bitter argument, stop the pattern of repetative bickering,  clear the energy of an unkind visitor.

Just a few reasons for using space celaring techniques.


By using a number of tried and tested techniques gathered over the years. 

I will personally hold the energy and guide you through your own beautiful space clearing ceremony on line, or I can come along and conduct your ceremony in person.

Every treatment is different and depends on the person, the space and the situation.

So, let's start with a chat.

Please say hello.

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