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What is space clearing?

Every space has history.

People and events all leave an impression, a mark, an 'energetic' footprint.

All those footprints build over time. They create patterns of energy, some good, some not.

Space clearing is like the tide, it helps to shift and erase these echo's, and allow new clear energy in.

So that you can rewrite the history of the space, afresh.

A clean sweep, if you like!

beach, wave and footsteps at sunset time.jpg


Perhaps ...

You have recently moved into a new space.

You may feel things are a little stale in your life.

You may think your space feels a little 'off'.

You are experiencing new patterns of behavior that don't feel familiar, or don't sit well with you.


By using a number of tried and tested techniques gathered over the years, I can guide you through your own clearing ceremony, or come along and conduct this for you in person.

Contact me for details.

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