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What works, & what doesn't

My fantastic clutter clients taught me how we feel about dealing with our stuff. I learned what tripped them up when they were surrounded and overwhelmed by belongings that they didn't know what to do with, for whatever reason.

My tried and tested solutions have been developed over the past 30+ years.

I know how hard it is to talk about your clutter. I have created my systems by listening to what really causes anxiety or reluctance to get started, or pushes people to give up half way. My methods make this process reasonably pain free - and they work.

My gratitude to everyone who allowed me into thier cluttered world.

Here's what I learned.

They DIDN'T want:

  • To be told what to keep or get rid of.

  • A stranger rifling through their stuff or standing next to them whilst they considered what to do with it.

  • To find themselves in a worse mess than when they started.

  • Disruption to their homes or daily routines.

  • To find piles of stuff scattered around that they had no idea what to do with.

  • To be limited to just the traditional three options of clearing their belongings - ‘Throw it’, ‘Charity shop’ or ’Keep it’.

  • To feel overwhelmed, disheartened and defeated.

  • To be rushed into decision making.

  • To be judged.

  • To hide their stuff inside even more storage. (However lovely).

  • To still be in the same situation by the same time next year.

  • They absolutely didn’t want the clutter to return!

They TRULY wanted:

  • Help to know where to begin.

  • A clear method to help decide what to keep, and how to keep it

  • Support as they sort through their stuff, and guidance through difficult decisions.

  • To be able to let go.

  • Limited or no disruption to daily life,

  • Organised sorting methods for the work in progress.

  • A clearing plan that put them in total control.

  • Options, clarity and confidence to make the 'right' decisions.

  • To feel motivated and eager to make steady progress.

  • To be treated with respect and kindness.

  • Spaces they can actually use.

  • Complete control over the stuff coming in, with a plan for every situation.

  • Accountability and support until they were ready.

  • A space they adored, and could thrive in

  • No more clutter! Ever!

Choose where you want to start, or please book a call if you'd like to discuss your options.

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Curious? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call to discuss how feng shui can help in your particular situation, or how I can help you to become truly clutter free.  For ever. 

I use a call booking system to ensure that we are not disturbed during our conversation.  You'll have my full attention.

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