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Feng shui


This two part consultation is designed to supercharge one specific aspect  of of your life.

Perhaps you have concerns around money, are worried about a relationship, your career, health, or really anything that causes your energy to dip.


During our video calls you will first discover how your space can influence every aspect of your life.

Next, we'll locate the place (or places) in your home that relate to your chosen aspect, and why you are experiencing difficulty or blocks in this area of life.


You'll find out how to bring balance into this related area. 

Next, we'll introduce simple remedies to enhance the space, creating uplift and positive change.

Although this is not as in depth as a full home consultation, resolving one issue often has a ripple effect on other aspects of life. This is a great introduction to the feng shui process, to create swift change, and discover ithe power of modern day feng shui.

  • Two video consultation calls up to 90 minutes each.

  • Call one: We identify your focus and clarify the issue. For example, a money issue could be due to low earnings, over spending, a money drain or other reasons. We'll drill down and find it.

  • We'll locate your chosen focus aspect in your home, together with any other areas that could influence the issue you are experiencing.

  • I'll identify the possible cause or causes, and advise on creating balance.

  • Call two: Together we will select energising remedies or enhancements to supercharge this aspect of your life.

  • All remedies will be carefully chosen with you, so that they suit you, your taste, and your budget.

  • Calls can be recorded at your request, for your personal use and reference.

  • There's also the opportunity for a follow up call to ensure you are on the right track.

  • One payment of £400.00

Or find out how I work and my considerations for every consultation here...

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