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With My Personal Tuition

Create Your

Feng Shui Success Plan


From the very first lesson, you will think about your space in a  completely new way.

If you've tried to piece together your feng shui plan using information you find online, or by reading and following books, you know it's tricky. 

Feng shui can be quite complex, it's true. It's so easy to get confused.

Perhaps, discouraged, you gave up - before you truly discovered the life changing power and magic of your home within the layers of this fascinating subject.

Let's change all that.

I have over three decades of feng shui experience, helped thousands of students to re set their whole life by working or learning with me. 

If you are ready to melt away the confusion, and get clear on the the easiest and most effective way to use this powerful art for yourself, now's your chance.

"Does it work?

it's a big fat YES from me"

Teresa, Exmouth, UK.

Feng shui step by step October 2023

Most people see (and feel) a difference within a few weeks.

By the end of the 10 week duration of our course, you will have a new vision, made tweaks and changes to your surroundings that result in positive shifts in your life - and the lives of those who share your space.

You will graduate with a plan, and a good overall knowledge of this amazing skill.

Your Future Proof Plan

Your feng shui plan should be updated in alignment with your desires and needs, because life moves on, situations change.

Feng shui step-by-step will give you the tools to do just that. 

This is a live week by week series of online workshop style lessons,

with a detailed Q&A element, so you can get all your quesitons answered.

Past student Teresa also wrote -

"Having chronic insomnia I never imagined that I would soon be sleeping peacefully once again within a couple of weeks. This course is fun, enjoyable, informative and life changing. Feng Shui really works and I will continue to practise it going forward in my now ‘Happy Home’. Thank you Lorraine".

Feng shui step-by-step

 Limited spaces. Join here. 

Building Planning

Feng shui step-by-step

Autumn 2024 is booking now

Starting on September 19th, 7pm

Ten weeks to your perfect plan.

  • Create your personal feng shui recipe

  • Shift your blockages

  • Understand why things may not be going your way, and learn how to fix it.

  • Apply my simple but powerful techniques step by step.

  • Experience the changes every week

  • Eight lessons, two Q&A classes
  • Capped to eight places to allow for personal guidance.
  • Recorded for your convenience
Thursday evenings, 7pm
Link to even more details and booking information

Your Feng Shui Success Starts Here!

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