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Consultations & packages

If you are ready to dive into transformation and work with me one to one, then I have several options for you.

What would you like help with today?

Those who collaborate with me quickly find out that I am passionate about enabling my cleints to create an environment that they love, yet supports their most abundant, succesful and fulfilling lives. 

My experience and personal blend of practical ancient and modern day feng shui techniques cause rapid change.

My clutter system and clearing methods banish stuff without fuss or mess. 

Change is personal.

Sometimes stressful.

So, when you work with me You will have access to my advice on a one to one basis throughout our time together.

More details about my consultations and packages below!

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Feng shui consultation package -
Full home reset

This premium option is for you if you would like to fully transform your the energy of your entire home.

You may have more than one issue to resolve, perhaps your are moving to a new space, or planning a refurbishment.

This series of five (yes, five) one to one consultation sessions, sometimes taken over several months, will estabish the correct flow and balance of your entire space. We work on a faster pace if you are starting with a new-to-you space, or creating a refurbishment plan.

Working on your entire home, together, we

  • Estabish the outcmes you ideally want in all aspects of your life and of those who live with you.

  • Identify and correct elements that could be blocking or disrupting your ideals

  • Increase positive energy flow and create the very best environment for your prosperity, fulfullment and success. 

Feng shui consultation -

If you have one buring issue to resolve, this is for you. 

This is a two part consultation, which focusses on:

  • One aspect of your life, or

  • One particular space or room.

Although this is not as in depth as a full home consultation, resolving one issue often has a ripple effect on other aspects of life.

This is a great introduction to the feng shui process, to create swift change, and discover the power of modern day feng shui.

De-clutter consultaiton
Kick Start

For you if the thought of getting help to clear your clutter fills you with dread!

 If you are concerned how it might feel to work with someone, try my two part clutter kick start and work on a single hot spot that can change your life - every single day. 

I'll help you pick the right space to start and I'm confident you wont look back.

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De-clutter programme
Finally free

For you if you are ready to tackle and ditch your clutter for ever.

This is a personalised weekly coaching plan which will run for as little or as long a time as you need.  

This is not a blitz. (They dont work).

Discover, sort, ditch and organise your stuff with my full support until you are completely clutter free - or confident that you are ready to go solo!


Exmouth, UK

I feel like a different person.

No more roaming the house at all hours of the night, or lying awake worrying why I can’t sleep.

Does it work? 

It's a big fat YES from me..."

(Feng shui step by step, October 2023)


South Wales

One inspirational visit

has truly changed my life.

Many, many thanks Lorraine - I would not move home without you!"

(Full home reset consultation September 2003)



After we'd sorted my spare room , I had an unexpected windfall, a fantastic job offer, and my boyfriend asked me to move in with him  - all this in less than a week! Amazing."

(Focus consultation May 2001)

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