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finally sort your stuff...
for good

Why I can help you,
and how I will

My amazing clutter clients have taught me a thing or two about how we feel about our stuff, and how tricky it can be when we find ourselves surrounded and overwhelmed by belongings.

Over the past thirty plus years, they have helped me to refine methods and devise systems that put people in complete control of their stuff.

Then organise it beautifully.

We work within their available space, and of course with their needs, situation and personality at front and center of everything.


Everything you need is here. All you have to do is work it!

It's important that you feel confident with the person you invite to collaborate with you.

So, let's begin with a relaxed chat, and then decide if it's me!


Why trust me?

I'm a recovering hoarder from a family of hoarders.

I've learned the hard way.

I've helped countless people get to grips with their stuff, and I'm invested in your success, too. 

No pressure, no judgement, just experience, knowledge and support.

What works, and what doesn't

How I can help

Kick start: 

I get you.  You are reluctant to have a complete stranger (or anyone, actually) rooting through your precious things.

You don't want to feel judged, or that you should explain yourself.

You just want to be in control of your stuff.

Some of my clients never ever show me their clutter.

I don't always need to view whats going on visually.  We meet on screen, and their words and emotions guide me.  But when the job is done - and without prompting from me, they voluntarily send the pics of their completed, sorted spaces - or call me on face time, eyes shining, happy to share.

So if you are concerned how it might feel to work with someone, try a de clutter kick start and work on a single hot spot or room that can change your life - every single day. 

I'll help you pick the right space to start.

I'm confident you wont look back.

Book my Kick Start

Weekly De Clutter Chat:

If you'd like to share your experience, and you work well with the support of others in the same boat, join my weekly de clutter chat group. We meet, we learn, we share, and we clear, together. Regular 7 week terms throughout the year, and additional on line support with social pop ups.

Join the wait list here.

De-Clutter FInally Free program:

This is for you if you are ready to properly deal with your clutter for ever. We will work one to one at your pace.

I'll design a personalised coaching plan just for you, to suit your personality and style of working. Using my experience, guidance and support we will discover, sort, ditch, clear and organise your stuff until you are completely clutter free.

Or until your are confident that you are ready to go solo.

This is not a blitz. You will learn how you came to be in this situation, and learn how to stop it ever happening again.

You are in the driving seat, I've got the map and possibly the snacks.

Tell me how to book a personal plan.


Whatever route you choose to deal with your stuff, I can't promise that it will be easy. But I can promise that I'll understand, and will make your road to clutter freedom as painless as possible.

Deal with your clutter, for good this time.

Still not sure? Chat it through - book a 'Say hello' call with me.

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This is for you if you are finally ready to sort your stuff. Structured, simple, stress free. No piles of stuff. No upheaval. Just guidance and lots of ongoing support. 


Image by Alexandra Gorn

Ditch your 'energy vampire'

A kick start will focus on a single place, or type of clutter, and will transform your energy every day. We identify what will impact you most, and sort it!

Book your kick start

Image by Katy Anne

The de clutter chat group

You are not alone. You can join a small supportive group of people who, like you, want to get to grips with their stuff. Motivational and supportive.

Join the wait list

Image by Dev Asangbam

The true cost of clutter

Tired, demotivated, miserable, overweight, stuck, ashamed. Just a few of the emotions and symptoms caused by having too much stuff in your space.

Change it. Book a call.

woman legs out of clothes pile on yellow background with copy space.jpg

Clutter is stuck energy.

That's it.  Its not untidiness. Its stuff you neither love nor use, blocking your space and your progress in life. Start here.

Free clutter survey sheet

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What, no TV crew?

De-Clutter TV shows mean well. Emptying your stuff into a warehouse is tempting and easy. But its not realistic, and does not work long term.

So - what really works?

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