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About me

Passionate about creating change

For over thirty years I’ve worked my dream job, as a feng shui consultant and teacher working with individuals and corporate clients to create positive change by tweaking their spaces.

I've designed and presented countless courses and workshops, and spoken about the benefits of feng shui principles at seminars and holistic events.  

My de-clutter system helps people to take complete control of their stuff. They are finally able to clear the clutter, and best of all, prevent It from ever coming back.  This is a long term solution - it's easy to follow and execute, with no mess, no stress and no piles of stuff.

Every new client experince begins with a 'say hello' chat, to ensure that we are a good fit. If we feel we can work together, great! If not, we've enjoyed a cuppa and a natter.

Pre feng shui, I considered any energy work to be 'woo woo'.

I was also financially limited, mildly depressed, stressed, exhausted and had continually failed to sustain healthy relationships of any kind. 

When I stumbled across the ‘Chinese art of feng shui’ I honestly did not believe that changes to the way I arranged my belongings could make any difference in my life.


Out of curiosity  I tried a few things, and then just to be sure, I tried a few more. My sleep improved, perceptions started to shift, opportunities and ideas began to flow. After a few months I was hooked, and hungry to learn.

I somehow ‘manifested’ the exact finances I needed to allow me to leave my job, enabling me to study feng shui and all kinds of related subjects full time. I learned from the best teachers in the world. It is a passion of mine to continue my study, to experiment and develop my understanding of energy and personal development work, today, and every day. 

I am so grateful to those real people with real problems, who have trusted my methods.

Using simple yet powerful principles, together we have tackled all life’s issues. We’ve improved finances, attracted ideal partners, promoted great sleep, brought new opportunities of every kind, cleared creative blocks, increased body confidence, sent clutter packing, and everything in between. 

When a client calls with news of positive change, just days or sometimes hours following a consultation or workshop, it thrills me as much as it did when I began my practice.

People love to share their successes and stories, and my heart still does a little dance of delight. Especially if those people did not think that the small changes they made to their space would create any difference at all. 

In recent years much of my work has transferred on line, via Zoom or face-time. My clients and I have found it to be as effective as an on site home or business visit, and my step by step workshops and courses are as impactful as attending a face to face event. 


Consultations are tailored to suit each individual client, starting with their current situation, and what changes they would like to see in their life. My prescriptions always reflect personal taste, style, and budget. Students learn how to create their own prescriptions, with easy step by step  guidance, delivered with humour and heart. 


Feng shui is about creating a spaces you adore - places that support your life and your dreams!

If you would like to learn more about how working with me can help you make changes in your life, please book a call, there is no charge. It’s a good way for us to find out a bit more about each other, and for you to find out how feng shui principles or my de clutter methods can help you change your current situation for the better. 


Please book the call directly onto my calendar using the link below, then I will be able to give you my full attention.

See you there!


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Curious? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call to discuss how feng shui can help in your particular situation, or how I can help you to become truly clutter free.  For ever. 

I use a call booking system to ensure that we are not disturbed during our conversation.  You'll have my full attention.

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