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How I work, and my considerations for every consultation...


Location, location, feng shui

  • The position of your home or work place has significant impact on the lives of all the people who spend time there.

  • City or coastal, on top of a hill or in a dip, near rivers, roads, steeples or schools, It all makes a difference to how you live, and how you are.

  • Prior to our first consultation, I will have  consulted a map (and street view where possible), to understand the exact location and surrounding area of your home. 

  • We will aim to make the most of your location, by deflecting any negative influences, then accentuating or attracting the positive.

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Shape and structure

  • Cosy cottage or urban loft, open plan living or period and traditional?

  • The foot print of the building, and interior layout of your rooms dictate how your space is used, and how energy flows, both of which affect you. 

  • Whatever the shape or layout, we will agree on a range of objects, decoration or techniques which will balance, enhance and improve the energy flow of each space.

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Histories and well trodden paths

  • Just like people, all places have a past - and the history of a place is often known to repeat through the lives of the occupants.

  • This is fine if the history is happy - but in the event of a negative past, we aim to clear the pattern in a variety of ways.

  • Sometimes the patterns are caused by shape or layout, or perhaps the previous use of the property or the land it sits upon.

  • We will discuss the best way to clear past influences, be that historic or more recent, to clear the way for making new history!

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Shabby chic - or just plain tatty?

  • Whatever your  decorative style, the general upkeep of the space reflects the type of energy it attracts. 

  • Small things you may no longer notice will affect your daily life.

  • Perhaps an overgrown path or dripping tap impacts your finances - or we find a broken mirror in an area that affects your self image… Whatever we discover, we’ll create a fix list to put things right, and bring about balance once more.

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Where's the front door?

  • The position of your front door is significant.

  • Many of the conclusions made during your consultation will be based upon the main entrance to the space - even if it is not regularly used.

  • The condition of the entrance and the area around it both inside and out also has a bearing on the feng shui of your space.

  • We'll ensure that both your front door and threshold invite positive effects into the space.

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Your bagua life map

  • The bagua is a specific diagram (or life map) we use during our consultation.

  • It has nine segments, each one relating to an aspect of your life.

  • We impose this over your floor plan to establish which areas of your space relate to particular aspects of life.

  • Most people are surprised to find the accuracy of the relationship between the physical space, the bagua plan and their current situation. We'll discuss how to balance and re energise the space - and your life.

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Cluttered space, cluttered life

  • Clutter is stuck energy.

  • Depending on the type and volume of stuff, clutter can cause sluggishness, indecision, lack of progress, depression, feelings of shame and general stuck-ness.

  • It is often the root of tension between those sharing the space.

  • Feng shui treatments are far less effective where clutter is present.

  • If you have clutter and would like to debunk it for good, please visit my clutter pages. Dealing with clutter is much easier than you think!

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Placements and enhancements

  • Placements are also known as 'cures' and used to balance the shape or energy of the space, and are permanent. These are likely to be the same whoever occupies the space. 

  • Enhancements (also known as 'placements') are used to energise or diffuse, are temporary, and are subject to change as your life moves forward. They are likely to be situated in the spaces that relate to those aspects of life you’d most like to change.

  • The objects, items or techniques we use for placements and enhancements could be the same, but the purpose is quite different. 

  • I encourage using  items you already own, so we may move a few items from point A to point B where they will us their energy or symbology to work better for your purpose.

  • Be assured that I always take your personal taste & style into account.

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Your fluid feng shui

  • Feng shui is not a one off treatment, its ongoing.

  • As we grow and develop, we want and need different things in life. You may decide on a new career path, want to start a family, or perhaps decide to travel. 

  • Ideally feng shui plans are updated as your life desires evolve and change.

  • Most clients book a full refresh consultation every year, giving them an opportunity to take stock and decide what changes are required.

  • My fluid feng shui plan is available to those who have completed a feng shui flow and flourish series. It is designed to keep your feng shui fresh every 90 days, or more often if you prefer.

  • We review every aspect of your life, and work on designing new treatments for your next adventure, keeping you in the flow, as you flourish and thrive!

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