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Full Home Reset


Your premium consultation - the process

Your feng shui consultation will be as individual as you.
Some elements may surprise you.
Together we'll focus on your present situation, and the changes you'd like to see.


Among the things we will discuss in your pre - consultation call is a floor plan of your property. This does not need to be a full scale architect drawing!
Whilst a 'back of envelope' sketch won't suffice, what works well is simple A4 drawing showing main walls, rooms, doors, windows, permanent features,  and large furniture pieces.  We will need one drawing for each floor. If you are still not sure, don't be concerned I've lots of ideas to help. (There's nothing quite like drawing a floor plan to make you aware of your space.)

The process:
I study your location, and supplied floor plan prior to our first consultation session.

During our meeting, you’ll give me a structured tour of your home whilst we talk about your plans and ideals, including the changes you'd like to see in your life.  I‘ll ask you to include any structural or decorative ideas you have in mind for your space so that these can be included. 

The space you occupy will tell your current story - and we will agree the simple changes and possible additions we can use to achieve your vision.

I will ask you to be honest about suggestions I make, so that we can come up with a plan that works for your taste, your budget and your style. If suggest something you dislike, or wont work for any reason, please tell me! Together we will design remedies and enhancements that feel right, and that you love.

How many sessions, and how long are they?

We have up to four full sessions, depending on your requirements. Usually the calls run for between 60 - 90 minutes, but sometimes we conclude early or run a little late if  we are in a flow of ideas!

The structure of each session is fluid, and I work in a way that suits each individual client.

Our appointments are spaced to allow you time to make the changes we agree in between calls, also for you to experience and feel the shift in your life. Shifts can be immediate or can take up to 30 - 45 days, however there is no set rule.

We agree a date and time for our next appointment  at the close of each meetings, but if you wold like to bring an appointment forward, or need extra time, we simply rearrange.

This is the fluid structure:

  • You complete the pre consultation questionnaire - this short quiz gives me the location of your property, and details such as who lives there, and your reasons for booking your reset consultation.

  • Introduction call. To say hello and further discover your current life situation, and the results you;d like to see.

  • Home tour and getting to know your ideals and desires.

  • We discuss the correction of any elements that currently block or upset the best possible energy flow. This the 'balance' elelment of your treatment.

  • Clarity follow up call. Things are likely to change once the space is balanced, and some issues may already be resolved. You may now have new ideas in mind!

  • Enhancement session - this time we focus on attracting your short and long term desires.

  • Follow up - I call this 'the tweak' to ensure things are moving the right way for you.

  • Celebration call!

Who should attend? 

Anyone who lives in the home and is interested.

If you have someone who would just like to focus on their personal space, they can slot in to our consultation for a pre-agreed period of time. Please ensure that I am aware of their participation, and agree this with your people before we begin. 

This is a fully comprehensive series of consultations. You can take notes, or if you prefer we can record our visit, so you can refer back to each live session.  You will receive an overlay of the feng shui bagua for easy reference as part of your detailed feng shui journal.

Ready to book your full home reset?

  • £1200.00
  • Payment plan available

Or find out how I work and my considerations for every consultation here...

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Curious? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call to discuss how feng shui can help in your particular situation, or how I can help you to become truly clutter free.  For ever. 

I use a call booking system to ensure that we are not disturbed during our conversation.  You'll have my full attention.

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