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about feng shui


myth 1

  • You have to believe in feng shui for it to work. 


  • Feng shui principles are working all around you right now! You don't need to be aware of it, believe in it or understand it. Where you are, and the things that surround you all have an effect on your body, your thoughts, your actions, your emotions and your reality. That's why I say "you are where you live". No belief system required. 

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myth 2

  • Feng shui is based on ancient Chinese legends and does not relate to me or my life.


  • Most ancient cultures in the world had their particular version of feng shui, but few recorded the knowledge and it was passed down the generations verbally. In China, the knowledge was carefully recorded, prized by Emperors, and practiced by ‘Masters’ who would also have been skilled engineers, astronomers, architects, doctors and scientists.  The principles they established are based on the effect of places on people. Today, your feng shui consultant will combine common principles from all over the world, paying particular attention to your own culture.  Then we apply them directly to your situation to help create the life you desire.


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myth 3

  • The words ‘feng shui’ make no sense!


  • These words are Chinese, and directly translate into English as ‘Wind and Water’. These elements have continually shaped our planet. Now, we use the words feng shui to broadly describe the study and practice of managing the effect of places and things on people. The idea is to create balance, and stimulate positive energy to particular aspects of the life for those that occupy the space. 

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myth 4

  • You have to use wind-chimes and paint your walls red for correct feng shui


  • Feng shui makes use of wind chimes and the colour red in several ways and for a number of reasons. Chimes can have the effect of slowing down or speeding up energy, and in China, red is the traditional colour used to stimulate wealth and prosperity. If any remedy might be useful to your situation but not to your taste, or if they wouldn’t work in your space, thats ok. Your consultant should work with you to find elegant ways to energise or calm each aspect of your space and should not impose colours or objects that cause negative emotions of any kind. So, no need for a wind chime, or a red wall. Unless you really want them!

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myth 5

  • I had my feng shui ‘done’ years ago, so I don't need to think about it again. 


  • If you want your life to be completely static with no progress or change, of course let things remain as they are!  However as we grow through the stages of our life, we usually want to encourage progress or change. Perhaps we would like a career shift, or a new relationship in our lives - or noisy people have moved in next door… feng shui can help you create change, promote peace, or if you are stuck, help you decide what you want for your next steps in life. Some feng shui placements are permanent (for balance) and some are temporary (to stimulate a specific change), so there are significant benefits to regularly reviewing your prescription. 

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myth 6

  • I have to live in a perfectly organised, minimalistic home for Feng shui to to have a positive effect on my life.


  • It always helps if your home is organised, as there’s less stress and more time to enjoy life when you are not always searching for or tripping up on your belongings. If your style is more cosy cottage than loft apartment, you can embrace all that brings, and your feng shui will work just fine. This is your home, and it ideally reflects your personality, your taste, your style. Your feng shui consultant should work with you every step of the way, to create a comfortable, welcoming home that will also help to attract and support the life you desire. 

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myth 7

  • My house faces the wrong way.


  • Does that mean that all your neighbours also face the wrong way? Conversely, are all the people who occupy the properties opposite your house living the dream? Doubtful! Yes, direction is key in some feng shui traditions - but far more important is the type and quality of energy that enters your home, how it reaches you, and how it flows through your space. 

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myth 8

  • I’ll have to fill my home with lucky charms and Chinese ornaments to get the life I want. 


  • Place symbols from other cultures in your home only if you like them. Ensure that you understand what they represent. And place them carefully! I don’t think I have ever suggested a lucky charm or Chinese ornament in over 30 years as a feng shui consultant and teacher. Sometimes people have them already and like them. In that case, we make good use of these treasures with careful placement. I believe in stimulating spaces with items my clients and students love and cherish. With my methods, it is very unlikely that anyone visiting your home after a consultation would know that you have harnessed the power of feng shui. They will simply feel comfortable and relaxed. (If that’s your intention, of course).

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myth 9

  • Feng shui is really complicated, I’ve read a few books and tried to do it myself. The books completely contradict each other and I became really confused and worried that my life would get worse, not better. 


  • Feng shui can seem complicated, and there are many elements to consider when making your feng shui plans. As an experienced guide, l will discover what you want to achieve in your life both short and long term. I'll then analyse your space, and come up with your personal Feng shui prescription. This can be in the form of a one to one consultation either on site or on line, or you can take part in a series of workshops to learn some of the fundamental elements of feng shui and apply them to your own space. Week by week and step by step you would be working and learning alongside like minded people in a group situation. Either way your feng shui would be demystified, and you will be able to balance your space and implement the changes in the correct manner. As a workshop participant, its great to hear from your colleagues as people share their stories and successes. As a consultation client, we’d work together over a number of appointments to get things exactly right, making choices to suit you, and  incremental adjustments where needed. This is about you getting a unique personal feng shui prescription based on your life, and your property, for your best outcome. 

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Curious? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call about how feng shui can help in your particular situation. Book yours today! 

See you there.

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