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Creating a healing place at home

Why this matters. 

You have been working toward better health in a very special place. 

Whilst we are always happy to be home, it is truly beneficial to continue your recovery by creating a personal space which will -

  1. Significantly enhance your healing process 

  2. Reconnect you easily and effortlessly to the support and skills you have experienced at the clinic

  3. Anchor you to the beautiful healing energy at the clinic

First step: 

Choose a suitable space. 

Even if you live alone, we’d like you to think about dedicating a specific area of your home for this purpose. Here you will create somewhere you will feel safe, can relax, and continue the healing work for the best possible outcome.  


If you live with others, they should be made aware of your plans. However, if at all possible, the exact location should be your choice. 

Don’t imagine that your healing space is a place to flop, or wallow. This is a serious and important work space. 

Yes, beautiful, yes, comfortable. But you need more from this space. You are engaged in a programme of pro active healing.

Healing on this level can be a beautiful journey. However, it is often emotional, tiring and sometimes confusing. 

So whilst you need an inviting, comforting, and calm space, it is also required to motivate, to stimulate your curiosity, support you whilst you navigate this important time of your life.  Ideally this will be an easily accessible space where you wont be disturbed, where you can easily land without having to consider others, and breathe out for a while. 



Ideally this will be an easily accessible space where you wont be disturbed, where you can easily land without having to consider others, where you can concentrate on yourself for a while. 

If a whole room is not an option, some people use a corner of their living room, or set up in a spare bedroom, and I’ve seen very successful healing nooks in a landing space, or even in the (very tidy) garden shed. if you live with others, stay away from high traffic areas. For privacy, your bedroom is the obvious choice but if you choose this option, you must pay detailed attention to clearing the space ‘energetically’ at the end of every session. More on this later. 


How much space will you need?

Just enough to  accommodate a chair and small table for a few helpful items. 

Furniture & accessories

This will depend on the advice and exercise plan that has ben suggested by your team.

You will need somewhere to sit, either a suitable chair or cushions -  you should be able to sit in comfort but also sit up with a straight spine. 

  • Small table (a small coffee table is ideal) - set this within easy reach of your seating space, as it will house the permanent pieces in your healing kit.

  • Open basket or box - for the rest of your kit, things you may not use every time. 


If your programme asks for you to lie down, then a yoga or exercise mat is a good option. Add a cushion or block for your head if required. 


Seating location 

Find your ‘place of power’. Ideally you have a solid wall behind you, and you are able to see any doors and windows in the room from this point.

This position allows your subconscious mind to be at its most relaxed. 

If you are outdoors, the same applies, try to seat yourself against a large tree trunk with your back to a bush, wall or hill, with a good view of your surrounding area. Think ‘outdoor armchair’. 



Open the window where possible, (if it’s not too cold or draughty).


Healing kit

You will keep a few well chosen items in this space. They will make it easy for you to drop into a healing session without distraction. 

Regularly used things will stay on the table permanently, and things you use occasionally can be kept near at hand in the open topped basket or box. 


Let’s start where your healing journey began, at the clinic

Whilst you have learned many skills and practices, sometimes it’s difficult to remember or connect to them once you leave the clinic environment. The staff at Arcadia will ensure that you have notes, or some other form of reminder to aid your memory - but some of the things in your kit are designed to help you connect to feelings and stimulate your muscle memory. 


The tools that have helped you in recovery may include:

Physical exercises, meditation, yoga, or EFT tapping - all designed to give you the skills but also teach you the feeling of being in control of your recovery. 

Choose your kit with consideration, arrange your table, and pack your box or basket with love and care. 


The anchor

Your first task is to choose an ‘anchor’ or ‘touch stone’.

Whilst you still at the clinic, begin by collecting something tangible that you can take with you into the healing or counselling sessions. If you have it with you or hold it (where applicable) during your sessions, it will absorb the love and healing energy around you, and support you beyond your time at the clinic.

The item could be a crystal, a small pouch containing a pinch or two of earth from the garden, a stone or pebble from your favourite walk, a leaf or twig from a special tree, a present that a friend brings along for you when they visit, or even something wearable like beads or a pendant. This item should feel comfortable in your hand, or be easily held or touched. You can select whatever you are drawn to, this is entirely your choice.  

The anchor will act as your physical ‘touch stone’ to reconnect you instantly to the beautiful atmosphere and healing energy of the clinic.  


Your support team will help you choose some memory triggers and may have an idea about your anchor, too. 


A space holder

This item has a very responsible job. This is usually something soft that you can rest against, or sit on, something that is used only for this purpose. This item will ‘hold’ your healing space. It could be a small soft cushion or rug, and can be small enough to squash or roll into your basked or box (ideal for continuity in your portable kit for use when you go on holiday, or are away from home). Chose something you like, that resonates with you. The cushion could be to sit on or lean against, or the rug to mark your area during this process. 

My kit contains a small heart shaped cushion given to me by the breast clinic nurse one day. This little cushion has been tear soaked, and the seams have been mended several times, but it is super soft, and whilst the fabric is not to my taste it was so soft and the shape so supportive of my sore body in so many ways during my recovery. It stays in my kit and most likely will always be the holder of my space. 

Q - Isn’t this cushion a reminder of a bad time in your life? Cancer, operations, treatment? 

A - I don’t see it that way at all, I cant change the fact that i have had cancer, it’s a big part of my history. Yes, the cushion has seen its fair share of negative fear based emotions its true - but it has also soothed and comforted me. 

I cleanse it, I mend it, for me it represents love, nurture and comfort. It’s imperfections inspire me. Choose a space holder that has meaning to you. It can be brand new, of course. Perhaps a gift from a dear friend will hit the spot.  



Bringing a healing or relaxing aroma will transform your surroundings. You can use an aromatherapy candle, incense stick, oil burner or diffuser, or spray. 

Its important to say that whatever aroma your choose should be something you love, and of the best quality, to avoid polluting the space.

(I can provide a seperate handout for choosing candles, oils and sprays, which includes two types of information - selecting the best types of each product and a simple guide to fragrance). 

Candles, incense sticks and candle heated oil diffusers must be used safely. Please keep them away from anything inflammable, they should not be left unattended for any reason. If you use these you will need to include some matches or a lighter, of course. 



Candles in some form have marked sacred ceremonies since the discovery of fire. They have a collective, deep rooted meaning and will give your healing space a sense of ritual, and importance. 

Use a scented version, to both mark the importance of ceremony, and create an aroma you love. 

Safety rules apply. 



We use sound to clear a space, to change and refresh the atmosphere. You can use a small bell or chimes to ‘open’ and ‘close’ your session. Bells indicate change of use, clear the energy form the previous use, and clear any emotional fall out that may have been created during your session. You could even use a melodic baby rattle. This is entirely optional, but you will find it useful to mark the beginning and end of your sessions.


Choose some suitable music in advance, perhaps prepare a playlist that creates the mood you would like, or have a few recorded meditations of varying lengths so its’ easy to select something for whatever your mood. 

You will need something to play it on. Your smart ‘phone is ok, but a playlist is better than streaming the recording. If you prefer to stream, please place the unit some distance away from your body. An old fashioned iPod or similar, small battery operated player is even better. 

Wireless earbuds or headphones are not advisable for this situation, but if it’s the most convenient as you are sharing the space with others or if this is all that is available, thats ok. 



You will need something to help maintain your body temperature, and to cuddle into. A simple lightweight woollen shawl, a loose, soft knit sweater or cardigan, or a thin throw will all do a great job, and are all easy to throw around our shoulders or wrap yourself into. Keep this also as part of your portable kit. It will link you to your connection, and you won’t need to search for something suitable every time you want a healing or meditation session. 


The personal

You may have activities that help you process your thoughts, such as journaling, sketching or needlework. Keep the key elements of this activity to hand, so once you are in your healing space, you dont have to leave until you are ready.  


The practical
  • Tissues

  • A box on the table. 


‘Do not disturb’ 

A signal to ask others to be mindful that your space is in use. A strategically placed teddy? Think of something that has soft energy, as this is not about excluding others, but they will feel awkward if they barge in to your healing time. 



Always have a drink to hand, a glass of water, or cup of tea, whatever suits you. 

Energy or self healing work is more effective when we are fully hydrated. 


Time awareness

We all have time constraints, commitments and routines that we (or people we live with) are required to follow, so if you share the space, or have an appointment, you may wish to set a timer for your sessions as its easy to run over when you are relaxing or in deep thought…

Make the sound of your timer gentle, and something you like. It really doesn’t need to be loud.  You can set this on your smart phone, but ensure it’s not too close to you at this time. 



It’s important to be grounded to Mother Earth, and it’s easy to ensure you are properly connected wherever you happen to be.  Earth has a North polarity, the bottom of your feet have a South polarity. However our balances can be reversed for a number of reasons, and theres a simple method to reground yourself, using a stainless steel spoon. Keep one on your table or in your basket, and use it to ground yourself at the start of every session, by rubbing the smooth side all over the base of each foot - just for a few moments. It feels lovely, and will ground you almost immediately. 

Standing or walking barefoot on the earth is the best way to connect!


Ventilation: Open a window if possible, (and if it’s not too cold or draughty).


Organise & arrange  - suggestions

Chair or cushions - plumped up ready to support your body. 

Yoga mat - if you are using, set out so you can begin without interruption. 

On the table - Candle, bell or chimes, tissues, burner / incense if using for aroma, glass of water, your anchor, your personal activity if it applies (journal, embroidery), you could add a small plant, or jam jar of fresh flowers, a crystal. Arrange this nicely to your taste. 

In the basket or box - 

Grounding spoon, cover up shawl or cardigan, spare candle, matches or lighter, essential oils if used for aroma, any notes for easy referral. 

On the chair or seating space - 

Your place holder.


Beginning of each session

Place your ‘Do not disturb’ marker visibly outside your door or space

  • Plump up your cushions, lay out your yoga mat (if applicable), check your table, create your aroma, light your candle. Ensure you have everything you will need

  • Next, ring your bell, or shake your chime if you have one

  • Hold your anchor in your hand

  • Take several deep cleansing breaths 

  • When seated, use your spoon to ground your feet


You may have a plan to follow, but sometimes you dont need to ‘do’ anything. You may find it easier at first to use a meditation recording of refer to some of the suggestions made by your team at the centre. You might focus on something in the distance, or just consider the texture, weight and shape of your anchor, or ‘candle gaze’ and let yourself simply sit for a while. 


After your session: 

Get up and stretch. Ensure you are balanced, both feet connected to the ground. 

  • Ventilate the space - open a window or door if possible

  • Extinguish your candle or aromatherapy burner if using

  • Shake out your rug, mat, cushion or any other fabric items you have used, preferably outside

  • Ring your bell or shake your rattle

  • Pack your basket with love and gratitude, take dirty glasses and any debris away, then re set your little table ready for the next session

  • Big smile


If you dont have a dedicated space, are going on holiday, are returning to work, and do not have access to a room you can call your own, then please refer to our tips sheet ‘Creating a healing space, wherever you are’.


Here you will find out how to create a portable kit which you can use to create the perfect ‘healing bubble’ almost anywhere. 

download our free handy tips sheet

Download here

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