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CONSULTATIONS for business

Maximise your potential for success, whatever the type or size of your business.

For an in depth analyses for your larger, retail or manufacturing business, choose a full three part feng shui for business consultation (with a free discovery call).

If you are a sole trader, or working from home, my on line home office option is the best choice.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Book your call or consultation and boost your business.

Apply the principles of feng shui directly to your business. From high street retailer to on line fitness instructor, work from home creative to factory based manufacturer, the layout and function of your space will affect how well your business thrives.    
No matter what your trade, activity or sector, these simple measures can change the fortune of any business.
If you are an individual working from home I suggest booking a home office consultation.  

You might be interested in:

  • Increased footfall to your premises 

  • More customers for your online business

  • Increased revenue

  • A rise in productivity

  • A motivated workforce

  • Office layouts to help you thrive

  • Good relationships amongst colleagues

  • Attracting overseas trade

  • A nice place to work!


What type of consultation do you need? 

If your small business is run from your home office, we can work together with a home office video consultation . 

Larger business with retail, manufacturing or multi office premises usually require a site visit.

Discuss your options with Lorraine during a free, no obligation discovery call.
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