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What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is the Chinese name given to a form of holistic design, intended to encourage good fortune, including vibrant health, success and abundance.

Based on the principles of ancient eastern philosophy, it has developed as civilizations have changed over time. Every culture has it’s own form of Feng Shui, but most western cultures do not have a name for it!

In simple terms, Feng Shui is concerned with the auspicious location and design of our homes and businesses and the placement of the objects within them. 

The idea is that when these factors are correct, the occupants of the space will prosper. 

Its purpose is to bring harmony and balance to our exterior and interior world, creating optimum conditions for the best possible quality of life.


Why Use feng shui?

In the West today, Feng Shui is used at home and in business to create positive living and working environments. We are interested in diffusing and countering any negative effects that could be caused by the building or the things within it. Any factors that deplete our health and wellness are identified and brought into balance.

We are also exposed to both physical and mental stress from life in general, so creating spaces where people can thrive is key to our vitality and well-being.

The shape, layout, colours and contents of our spaces all effect the way we feel and ultimately, the life we live. 


Using feng shui and related practices we can unpick it all, negate the negative (addressing the things that are not going well for you) and enhance the positive (to support your dreams and desires).

We have the most opportunity to bring the core ideas of Feng Shui into play in our personal spaces. Once people experience the benefits of feng shui at home, they understand how beneficial and easy it can be to bring it to practice at work.


If your environment encourages you to feel serene yet energised, if your life is flowing positively toward your personal goals and achievement of your desires on every level – you’re probably practicing feng shui without even realising it!


The effects of feng shui are powerful.

My clients and students often report swift change for the better in all areas of life, including improved health, freedom from financial worries, resolved relationship issues, and career success.

My particular blend of feng shui is person focused. It is practical, and whilst grounded in ancient traditional methods, I draw on a unique tried and tested collection of tools, modalities and experience gathered working as a consultant and teacher over the past thirty plus years. 


Feng shui works for anyone, whatever their culture, background, taste or style.

My intention for every client or student is to encourage empowerment, positive change and success.

What next?

If you would like to discover how I can help you use feng shui in your home or at work, here are a few ideas:

  • Learn

- Take a course or attend a webinar - all found on my events and shop pages

  • Read

- Find lots of information and downloads on my resources pages

  • Experience the power

- A one off 'Focus' consultation will introduce feng shui techniques to improve any single aspect of your life - for example, love, money, or work. Details of my 'Focus' consultation here.
- Or, take decisive action for change with my unique personalised premium feng shui program. 'Feng shui flow and flourish' is designed to fit around your situation, and to achieve your life goals. Together, we work on your entire space over a number of months, or as long as you need, step by step. My methodical, curated approach offers the best possible chance of success for you, and those you live with. This is the ultimate feng shui consultation. Details of my premium program here.


  • Say hello!
Lorraine Lewis

Book an initial chat or video call with me so we can discuss your options.  There's no charge to chat and no obligation. I ask you to book so that you have my full attention with no disruption. You’ll have a listening ear, some initial advice, and I'll answer any questions to help you decide your next steps.

Looking forward to meeting you...


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Curious? You are welcome to book a no obligation, complimentary chat or zoom call to discuss how feng shui can help in your particular situation, or how I can help you to become truly clutter free.  For ever. 

I use a call booking system to ensure that we are not disturbed during our conversation.  You'll have my full attention.

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