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Clutter Kick Start, 2 Sessions

A two stage process. Ideal for tackling one type of clutter, such as your wardrobe or paperwork.


This two part consultation will help you focus on dealing with a single type of clutter or one room / space. You will have all the tools and inspiration you need to clear the items you don't want or need, then organise and properly store things you love, need or use. We can work on your wardrobe, your paperwork, books, food cupboards, under the stairs, you decide! Our first booking is for 30 minutes. This will help me understand your focus area, and you'll discover what kit you need to gather to efficiently sort your stuff. I'll explain my unique method, discuss the practicalities, and make a plan. We may make a start on clearing the 'easy' stuff, but it wont matter if we don't get that far. At the end of this session, we'll book our second meeting. This can be one session of 1 hour 30 minutes, or you may prefer to divide the time into two further sessions of 45 minutes each. You'll have your kit by then, and we will put our plan into action, so be prepared for big change! This is ideal for anyone starting out on a clearing 'journey', or who feel they need some extra support. Further follow up calls or ongoing coaching packages are available for 'stubborn' clutter of if you find you'd like a little more help.

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Lincoln LN1 2JY, UK

  • 1 h
  • Online
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