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One to One Consultation Plans

Carefully designed and curated to achieve the very best results over time.

  • Clutter de-bunk on line coaching

    Every month
    Finally deal wth your clutter for good
    • Weekly Clutter Coaching - a personalised plan
    • Step by step instruction and guidance
    • Book your calls to suit your schedule
    • Never feel you are working alone
    • One 90 minute session every week
    • Help to make tough decisions
    • What to do with stuff you no longer want or need
    • How to organise your space to suit your lifestyle
    • Storage ideas and solutions
    • Stop the clutter from coming back. Ever.
    • Full support with respect and kindness
    • How to set up your clutter clearing kit
    • No mess, no piles of stuff, just progress
  • Kick Start

    De clutter
    Valid for 3 months
    • Clutter Kick Start, 2 Sessions
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