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Feng shui for Business

For increased your profits and to optimise staff and customer experiences. Discovery call is free.

Service Description

Maximise the potential for your success by applying the principles of feng shui directly to your business in this three stage consultation package. . No matter what your trade, activity or sector, these simple measures can change the fortune of any business. If you are an individual working from home I suggest booking a home office consultation. 1. Start by booking a initial complimentary 30 minute planning call via phone or video link. I'll answer any of your questions, then we can discuss the rate, and agree a date for your main consultation. 2. Our main meeting can be on site or on line. It is likely to take several hours, so we may take the occasional break. If this is an online option, you must be able to visually guide me around your business using your phone or tablet, and be willing to discuss the issues you are experiencing. This will enable me to accurately assess and select the most beneficial balances and remedies. The practicalities of my suggestions are important, so you should be prepared to express your feelings if some options don't suit you for any reason. 3. Your follow up call (ideally via video call) takes place when you have had time to process and act upon your consultation advice. We will evaluate the changes you have made, discuss any further ideas and plan your next steps.

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Lincoln LN1 2JY, UK

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